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    We are beyond one-time credit repair; we are dedicated to helping you develop a strong credit portfolio designed to lower your interest payments and help you qualify for top tier financing.

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    Our mission is to provide our clients with an easy to understand, powerful, economic based financial process that creates efficient wealth building and financial security for the 21st century.

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    One of the best investments you can make is to build your own business and legacy. There’s no better way to build wealth, and set yourself up for success than investing in your own business.

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    We value our clients success.Our financial experts are dedicated to helping our clients accomplish their life goals and live the lifestyle they desire.We're there every step of the way!

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We Are Credit Experts

We are a full-service credit repair company located in Dallas ,Texas. We specialize in credit repair services for clients nationwide as well as wealth building and business mentorship programs.K2 Credit offers a Free Initial Credit Consultation with a trained credit repair specialist for any of your credit repair needs. Our credit consultants are standing by to assist you with your credit related issues including identity theft, student loans, debt settlement and the removal of inaccurate negative remarks on your credit report such as late payments, judgments, bankruptcy and collections.
Credit Restoration

Credit Restoration

By law, information reported about you to credit bureaus must be fair, accurate, relevant, substantiated and verifiable. Our simple but powerful 3-step process gives you maximum results.

Wealth Building

Wealth Building

Enroll in wealth management course that builds on proven wealth building fundamentals . Our clients learn advanced strategies to protect, manage and grow their wealth consistently.

Business Mentorship

Business Mentorship

The program provides advice and critical experience in areas such as sales, marketing, venture capital fundraising, board formation/management and human resources.

We Know Credit

Our Programs Are The Best In The Nation

Using the clients consumers right under the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act). We initiate a dispute process on all negative items on your credit reports directly with the three major credit reporting agencies Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. The results are then reviewed and obtained by the client within 35-40 days. A final round of disputes will follow for any remaining negative inaccuracies.

What You Get With Our Services

K2 Credit Repair works with its clients to help them repair and restore their credit reports and scores fast, efficiently.You will be given a free credit consultation to identify your individual needs on your own credit reports. Based on our evaluation we'll assign you the professional credit repair advisor best qualified within their area of expertise to represent you. Your credit repair advisor will handle your case from beginning to ending of the credit restoration process. You won’t have to speak with a different individual every time you call.

Repair Your Past

Repair Your Past

We work with the credit reporting agencies as well as your creditors to challenge the adverse items that directly affect your credit score. We will ensure your credit history is up-to-date, correct, and shows positive history.

Monitor Your Present

Monitor Your Present

24/7 Credit Monitoring & Alerts powered by K2 Credit keeps you aware of changes and updates on your report, and provides detailed information about how those reported items affect your score.

Build Your Future

Build Your Future

Our customized tools, strategic approach, and proprietary system guide you through the tasks and action items you need to take in order to maintain a healthy score and accomplish your credit goals.

Customers Testimonials

Jennifer Stone

Registered Nurse

You did a wonderful job of helping raise my credit score!! You moved it 107 points!! My sole purpose was to get my credit rebuilt so that I could purchase a new car and with your help I just purchased a 2016 BMW 5 Series. Thank you very much for your help.

Molly Andrews

Interior Designer

My husband and I went to buy a house in April of 2015 and were turned down because of our credit and the lender told us that we should have good enough credit in two years to buy. We didn`t have two years so we signed up with K2 Credit. They took care of everything!

Anthony Forza

Car Sales Manager

I had years of inaccurate information on my credit report that have now been successfully removed by your credit experts. The customer service department has been wonderful to work with and I am on a first name basis with many k2 representatives.

Advantages Of Achieving Excellent Credit

The FICO credit score is the most widely used score in lending decisions and ranges from 300 to 850. A FICO score of 750 to 850 is considered excellent, and those with a score in that range have access to the lowest rates and best loan terms, according to myFICO.com, the consumer division of FICO.

  • Save thousands in interest payments over the term of your loans by acheiving and maintaining Excellent Credit.
  • Have banks and credit card companies lining up to give you their money.
  • Buy a new home, vehicle or get the credit card and consumer loan you’ve always wanted.
  • Get approved for the business loan or line of credit to start or expand your business.
  • Increase your chances for job promotion, employment, insurance or leasing property.